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Born and raised in Indonesia, Tania has always fascinated with video games since early age. Growing up, she has a passion for science, math and art, but never consider a career in video games. She thought game developers were magical beings, out of reach and hiding away in special places. But with her interest in computer field, she decided to major in electrical and computer engineering, despite her parents plea for her to enter medical school.

After graduation, she combine technical background with the love for art and learned engineering graphics, which led her to a design engineer position in the aircraft industry, where she learned a great deal about modular models. She started spending her free time attending network events for game developers. They indeed are magical beings, full of talent, passion and creativity. However, they are not hiding. In fact, they are abundant here at the Greater Seattle area, which definitely is a special place.

One day she consider a career in video games as a possibility. So while she supported her team to craft airplanes during the day, she would learn 3D modeling, animation, and also game design at night. As she created 3D models more and more, she fell in love with environment art and props, which allow her to create special worlds, to convey a story that support various characters in it. She's also teaching herself how to code and make game prototypes to test her ideas.

Tania and her husband can be found in Seattle area, usually at these local developer meetups, or at hackatons and game jams. Recently she has taken particular interest in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, finding possibilities in these fields.



• 2017 Oculus Launchpad participant, designer, 3D artist, programmer for Enliven VR (working title) | [link]

• Seattle VR Hackathon V, 3D artist, programmer, Unity integration for My Lil' Kaiju | [link]

• Global Game Jam, 3D artist, level design, programmer, Unity integration for WaveBot VR | [link]


• Ludum Dare 37, designer, programmer and 3D artist for Mischievous VR | [link]

• Environmental & prop artist for Undead Darlings: ~No cure for love~ by Mr.Tired Media | [link]

• Seattle VR/AR Hackathon IV, 3D artist for VRcheology team

• Ludum Dare 36, designer, programmer and 3D artist for Cat Ball VR | [link]

• Women's VR/AR Create-a-thon, 3D artist for Wizard Academy VR

• Microsoft Hololens Hackathon, 3D prop artist for HoloRover team

• Ludum Dare 35, designer, programmer and 3D artist for Detective Alice | [link]

• Global Game Jam, 3D artist for Hello Sportsfans! by Team Hail Mary | [link]


• Molydeux Game Jam, 2D artist for Unbearable team

• Global Game Jam, 3D artist for Hungry Hungry Dragon team | [link]


• Global Game Jam, 2D artist for Skunkoffee | [link]

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