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Undead Darling - School Level

     The vision for this school level was based on abandoned Japanese high school. Unlike the other levels where several artists were working on different props and structures for the same level, this time I was given the responsibility to create everything for this level. This was a really fun project, and I was having a hard time to decide when to stop creating asset.

     Below are some screenshot from a level I created for the sole purpose of showing their usage. These are not taken from the actual game.


Undead Darling - Classroom
The front of classroom, showing blackboard, teacher's desk, wall decoration and teaching podium.
Undead Darling - Classroom
Student desks.

Undead Darling - Classroom
The back of the classroom, showing one type of bookshelf, various backpacks and an empty whiteboard.



Undead Darling - School Hallway
Hallway view of classroom entrance, also showing a version of fire extinguisher kit.
Undead Darling - School Hallway
Vending machines near the bathroom.

Undead Darling - School Hallway
Various drinks inside the vending machines.
Undead Darling - School Hallway
Bathroom entrance

Undead Darling - School Hallway
Entrance to a festive classroom


School Festival:

Undead Darling - School Festival
Neko Maid Cafe sign.
Undead Darling - School Festival
Messy tall lockers in the corner of the classroom.

Undead Darling - School Festival
Hanging school backpacks and bookshelf in another corner of the classroom.
Undead Darling - School Festival
Display from the Monster Craft Club, featuring cute monster amigurumi dolls.

Undead Darling - School Festival
Student desks get transformed into cafe tables, with some leftover drinks and snacks.


     One of the highlight of Japanese school life is the school festival. Although the school campus in Undead Darlings supposed to be abandoned, there were remains of the festivities that got left behind.

Here are some kit samples from this level:

Classroom and hallway wall kit:

Undead Darling - Wall kit
Samples of wall variations for high school level.

Floor tiles kit:

Undead Darling - Floor tiles
Samples of floor tile variations.

Ceiling kit:

Undead Darling - Ceiling
Two base variation of the ceiling: basic and acoustic.

Undead Darling - Ceiling
More variation of the ceiling: with diffuser, smoke detector, and variety of light fixtures.


Bookshelves kit:

Undead Darling - Bookshelves
Some bookshelves flavors, with different wood coloring and variety of book sets.

Single and double desk kit:

Undead Darling - Double desk
Double desk variation.

Undead Darling - Single desk
Single desks.


Wall decoration kit:

Undead Darling - Wall decoration
Wall decoration, such as flat screen monitor, clock, & PA system.

Fire extinguisher kit:

Undead Darling - Fire extinguisher assembly
Fire extinguisher assembly

Undead Darling - Fire extinguisher detail
Fire extinguisher detail models.


School Festival kit:

Undead Darling - School Festival kit
Some detailed and assembly school festival models.

School locker kit:

Undead Darling - School Short Locker kit
Some short school locker variation, including opened and separate door version.

Undead Darling - School Short Locker kit
Tall school locker. It also comes in open and separate door version (not shown here).


Teaching podium kit:

Undead Darling - Teacher's podium
Some flavor of teacher's podium.

Teacher's desk:

Undead Darling - Teacher's desk
Several example of teacher's desks.

Undead Darling - Teacher's desk detail
Building blocks for teacher's desk assembly.


Vending machine kit:

Undead Darling -Vending machine assembly
Three different flavor of vending machines with different emissive levels.

Undead Darling - Vending machine details
Building blocks for vending machine assembly


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